To the Creator belongs the Creation

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Henry George: The Wages of Labor

Being created individuals, with individual wants and powers, men are individually entitled (subject of course to the moral obligations that arise from such relations as that of the family) to the use of their own powers and the enjoyment of the results.

There thus arises, anterior to human law, and deriving its validity from the law of God, a right of private ownership in things produced by labor – a right that the possessor may transfer, but of which to deprive him without his will is theft.

This right of property, originating in the right of the individual to himself, is the only full and complete right of property. It attaches to things produced by labor, but cannot attach to things created by God.

For these things are of the continuing gifts of God to all generations of men, which all may use, but none may claim as his alone.

To attach to things created by God the same right of private ownership that justly attaches to things produced by labor is to impair and deny the true rights of property. For a man who out of the proceeds of his labor is obliged to pay another man far the use of ocean or air or sunshine or soil – all of which are involved in the single term “land” – is in this deprived of his rightful property; and thus robbed....  read the whole article


Nic Tideman: The Structure of an Inquiry into the Attractiveness of A Social Order Inspired by the Ideas of Henry George

Ethical Principles

A. People own themselves and therefore own what they produce.

B. People have obligations to share equally the opportunities that are provided by nature.

C. People are free to interact with other competent adults on whatever terms are mutually agreed.

D. People have obligations to pay the costs that their intrusive behaviors impose on others. ... read the whole article



Nic Tideman: The Case for Site Value Rating

Site value rating embodies the principle that people are allowed to keep what they produce and must pay annually for the value of the naturally occurring and socially created resources they use. ... read the whole article