Wealth and Want
... because democracy alone is not enough to produce widely shared prosperity.
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A Perplexed Philosopher
Being an Examination of Mr. Herbert Spencer's
Various Utterances on the Land Question,
with some Incidental Reference to his Synthetic Philosophy

By Henry George — 1892

Digitalized 2006 by Per Møller Andersen

Introduction: The Reason for this Examination

Part I / Declaration
Chapter I: "Social Statics" - The Right to Land
Chapter II: The Incongruous Passage
Chapter III: "Social Statics" - The Right of Property
Chapter IV: Mr. Spencer's confusion as to Rights
Chapter V: Mr. Spencer's confusion as to Value
Chapter VI: From "Social Statics" to "Political Institutions"

Part II / Repudiation
Chapter I: Letter to the St. James's Gazette
Chapter II: "The Man versus The State"
Chapter III: Letter to The Times
Chapter IV: This Apology Examined
Chapter V: Second Letter to The Times
Chapter VI: More Letters

Part III / Recantation
Chapter I The Fate of "Social Statics"
Chapter II The Place of "Justice" in the Synthetic Philosophy
Chapter III The Synthetic Philosophy
Chapter IV The Idea of Justice in the the Synthetic Philosophy
Chapter V Mr. Spencer's Task
Chapter VI "The Rights to the Use of Natural Media"
Chapter VII "Justice" on the Right to Light and Air
Chapter VIII "Justice" on the Right to Land
Chapter IX "Justice" —The Right of Property
Chapter X The Right of Property and the Right of Taxation
Chapter XI Compensation
Chapter XII "Justice" — "The Land Question"
Chapter XIII Principal Brown

Conclusion: The Moral of this Examination

The entire book is available as a single document here, which is particularly useful if you are searching for a particular word or phrase, and as a 220 page pdf here.

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themes: the Land Question
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Wealth and Want
... because democracy alone hasn't yet led to a society in which all can prosper